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March 26 2009

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the thirty men who play billiards each evening, I would like to thank you for your time, effort and PATIENCE in repairing our tables at the Sea Towers. I understand the number of interruptions was probably very frustrating as each of the men who stopped into the Billiard’s Room to add their expertise may have distracted and disrupted your work. We do have a few gentlemen who travel the circuit in the St Petersburg area and they are our source of information and expectations.

Most of the men I spoke to on Wednesday evening were overjoyed at the condition of the tables and asked me to express their gratitude to your company for the fine job.

I sincerely hope that you understand the concern of each person that added their opinion was based on have in a Billiard’s Room of which they could be proud. Most of the men were very successful in their careers and probably felt they were being helpful. The wives are also grateful in as much as the men are active instead of sitting in front of the television all night each evening.


Herb Wilson

Tournament Director

Sea Towers


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